The King of Love My Shepherd Is


• Purchase of the score grants the right to unlimited copies for ensembles of any size.
• Rehearsal tracks may be used in virtual choir recordings if you choose.
Proceeds for the sale of rehearsal tracks go directly to the singers.

This SAB arrangement is an anthem which aims to showcase an intermediate choir at their best while serving the music and highlighting a timeless melody. Intuitive voice leading is paired with an active (and deceptively difficult) piano accompaniment, which will lend a sense of virtuosity to a piece that won’t stretch singers beyond their comfort level.

Professional singers Carina DiGianfilippo and Scott Ballantine lend their talents to the optional rehearsal tracks, which should make the learning process easy for those with limited rehearsal time, and for choirs whose COVID-19 restrictions have disrupted their typical part practice routines. Additionally, the rehearsal tracks can be used to fill out virtual choir recordings should you so choose!

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